April 13, 2016

Minister Olivia Bachelor speaks a powerful message on the thorns that try to bind us. But God’s grace is enough to turn it around for our good.


Distinguished by Honor

This is the first Sunday Service of the New Year, 2011. Pastor T. Grant prepares us to in our minds and spirits for this new year. In his sermon, “Honor the Lord,” Pastor Grant get us focused on the theme for our church for 2011. Click Here

January 2, 2011

The Omnipresence of God

By the Omnipresence of God is meant that God is everywhere present. This attribute is closely connected with the omniscience and omnipotence of God, for if God is everywhere present He is everywhere active and possesses full knowledge of all that transpires in every place. This does not mean that God is everywhere present in a bodily sense, nor even in the same sense; for there is a sense in…

February 4, 2010