S.E.S. Program

Supplemental Educational Services

NFCM is a state approved SES provider offering personal tutoring programs to meet your child’s specific educational needs. We serve students in Florida, specializing in Reading and Math.

Our overall goal is to offer a safe and creative learning environment that will enable our students to learn, grow and define their purpose. We are committed to shape their intellectual and creative abilities to become the leaders of tomorrow.

NFCM’s Philosophy
“Exceeding Education Expectations”

NFCM’s Mission

Our aim is to deliver superior learner-centered supplemental education services. Our practices were developed according to the high expectations that are intrinsic with our value system. We affirm that every child is entitled to a rich and challenging edification that promotes knowledge, accelerates learning, and fosters high academic potential.

NFCM’s Tutors

NFCM’s tutors are certified and experts in their subject areas. Our tutors are not only certified but also embrace the educational philosophy that education excellence is achieved through respect, trust, and expertise. Our tutors are trained to cater to the whole child as instruction is delivered.

NFCM’s Students

Every child that is served by one of our tutors receives their very own personalized educational program. Each program is developed after a diagnostic pre-assessment, where each student is assessed in the five 95) core areas of reading and math development.

Each child is placed on a learning program that is geared towards their learning style and individual needs. Through constant skill driven instruction and diverse mini-assessments, a child’s program is constantly monitored and adjusted as he/she progresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where and when is tutoring provided

A: At NFCM we work with each family to provide the option that is best for the parents and child involved. We offer tutoring in home, at our facilities, the library and other locations.

Q: How will I know if my child is progressing?

A: Each student is given a monthly progress report that is based on teacher made assessment and graded activities that the student has done over the course of the month. Immediate feedback can also be given on the spot by the program director, or though a phone or face to fave conference.

Q: Will my child get the personal attention that he.she needs?

A: The distinct advantage here at NFCM Educational Services is that our instruction is delivered in as small group learning model. This type of one-on-one interaction ensures students will have their questions and needs addressed quickly.

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