Imago Dei Radio

Laurinston Bailey
Sr. Executive
Imago Dei Radio

Laurinston Bailey was born and raised in North Miami, Florida.  His passion for music started at an early age.  In middle school and high school, he played Trombone in the marching band.  His passion grew while Djing in mega clubs.  Every time he stepped on the stage, he had two goals.  The first was to make a positive impact on people’s lives with his music, and the second was to ensure that everyone was enjoying themselves.  Laurinston was known as DJLaw, and his passion for his art caused recording artists to gravitate towards him.

God has allowed Laurinston’s passion to come full circle in 2019 when he called him to use his talent to advance the Kingdom of God through Imago Dei Radio.  DJLaw has been renamed DJGrace for the glory of God. —