God’s Promises

Do you believe God’s promises to be true. God’s motive all throughout history is to bring humanity back into close fellowship with himself. And all throughout history, God has proven his love for his Israelite people by  pouring out his grace in many ways. In the midst of the desert, God provided water for a thirsty people. God parted the red sea so that they might escape evil men whose aim was to kill. When his people were thirsty he made bitter water sweet. He even established a covenant so that his people might be ministers before his holy Presence.

And when the Israelites had turned from him. God uprooted the evil from among those who aimed to be faithful so that his goodness might be propogated. God wants to do the same for you this morning. You can listen in to the full message brought to you by Pastor Seymore Bailey in the link below.

Part 1 | Part 2

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