About NFCM

Networking for Christ Ministries, referred to as NFCM, is a Pentecostal, full Gospel, Christ centered organization. Our aim is to fulfill the divine will of God through the proclamation of the Gospel (God’s Word) throughout the world. We will foster Christian networks with others in the body of Christ as well as emphasize our uniqueness in the salvation of individuals of all ages, races, cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, creeds, and economic standings.

The foundation of NFCM is Christ Jesus our Lord. Each member is an important and integral part of this ministry, building a habitation for God on Christ.

We know that mankind is God’s highest creation made in His image and likeness. We also know that mankind can and will only regain his lofty position and future with the great God and Father through the Gospel both preached and lived by Jesus Christ.